The Top 9 Westside Neighborhoods in Fort Worth Real Estate

Fort Worth (FW) is a dynamic, eclectic city steeped in history and culture, and the neighborhoods in there are often just as unique. Although Fort Worth is renowned for its modern technology, transportation, education, and biotechnology, it still embraces and preserves its past. The core neighborhoods of Fort Worth have been beautifully preserved and, as a result, FW Texas real estate is highly sought after.One of the finest areas for Fort Worth Texas real estate is surely in the Westside neighborhoods:o Arlington Heights – Located just three miles from FW’s Central Business District, Arlington Heights features rolling hills and a beautiful array. The architectural styles found throughout Arlington Heights range from small bungalows to beautiful, two-story Revivals. FW Texas real estate in Arlington Heights can be found along tree-lined streets, wide sidewalks and vintage street lamps.o Crestwood – Crestwood is conveniently located just two and a half miles away from Fort Worth’s Central Business District. Towering trees, winding streets and beautifully landscaped lawns can be found in Crestwood. Here includes nicely restored bungalows, as well as a variety of other architectural styles.o Linwood – Linwood is located along the Trinity River, thereby providing residents of this small town with a superb location. Linwood is a mix of commercial and residential areas, and FW Texas real estate in Linwood ranges from one-story frame homes to split level with masonry construction. There are also several apartment complexes in this area.o Meadows West/Bellaire Park North – Both Meadows West and Bellaire Park North enjoy a beautiful location along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. Both neighborhoods are located about eight miles from Fort Worth’s Central Business District. Here varies from two-story homes to small bungalows. Homes here are found tucked away on winding, tree-lined streets.o Mira Vista – Mira Vista is a gated community that is located about seven miles. This upscale community features a country club, as well as a golf course that runs throughout the community. A nature trail, beautifully landscaped gardens and yards and a nature trail all add to the beauty of Mira Vista. Mira Vista can be quite pricey, as there are many large estates found here. There is also a nice selection of garden homes found in Mira Vista.o Mont Del – Beautiful views and a prime location just seven miles from FW’s Central Business are the hallmarks of Mont Del. A lovely lake welcomes visitors and residents to Mont Del and the many homes of this community enjoy fabulous views of the valley. FW Texas real estate in Mont Del is varied, and can range anywhere from ranch and contemporary styles to single and two-story homes. There are also several townhomes and apartments found in Mont Del.o Monticello – Located just two miles from Fort Worth’s Central Business District, Monticello features winding streets with towering trees. Monticello includes larger, two-story homes and Spanish, Colonial Revival, Tudor, Period Revival and Mediterranean architectural styles.o Westover Hills – The exclusive neighborhood of Westover Hills is completely surrounded by FW and is just four and a half miles. Large lots and equally large mansions are often found in Westover Hills and architectural styles vary widely, from traditional to contemporary and modern.o Westworth Village – Located just six miles west of Fort Worth, Westworth Village is a small bedroom community. Fort Worth Texas real estate in Westworth Village often includes one-story brink and frame cottages.

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Real Estate Podcasts – Why Builders and Realtors Benefit from This Technology

Real Estate Podcasting is slowly trickling into construction builders & real estate companies business models. As the revelation of practical uses for this new medium become more and more apparent to business owners, a new form of online real estate sales begins.Podcasting has gained popularity over the last year at an intense growth rate. The reason for this success, is due large in part to the success of the Apple’s iPod. A name in which no way offers ownership of podcasting to Apple, but it does however give the computer giant, a fantastic product association whenever the word is uttered.Podcasts are now able to be played on a plethora of devices, iPods, Psp’s, Video Cellphones, PDA’s, Pocket PC’s, Ultra Moblie PC’s, Tivo 2, and more. This explosion in accessibility is what is directly making podcasting a viable business tool; directly enhancing and affecting the way internet marketing, sales, and promotions are being used, as well as customizing its uses to any specific business brand or industry.With Real Estate podcasting, the return on investment begins as soon as the first podcast is downloaded. In today’s modern world time is a luxury, traveling is not always convenient, and efficiency is always top priority. Real estate podcasts merge accessibility with efficiency, and convenience with the comfort of buying.When an interested party is shopping for a potential home or investment, they want to make sure they see and know as much as possible about the property before making a decision. Unfortunately, property purchasers are routinely disparaged by the lack of available pictures, data and information on a website. In addition, the inconvenience of scheduling a viewing of the potential property can be a deterrent as well. Real estate video podcasts allow the user to view a full video tour of the property along with an audio voice over of the broker’s listing information. These podcasts features high quality sales information scripts with beautiful pictures and live motion video, giving you a feel for the environment from any geographic location.Real estate podcasts are meant to serve as a teaser to your buying audience. Especially for those who may have never inquired further, until they were tantalized by the visual satisfaction they were able to receive immediately.Real estate podcasting really becomes advantageous when the subscription model is attached. All podcasts can be subscribed to, with one click of a button, through your local aggregator, like iTunes, My Yahoo!, Goole reader, etc…Once a podcast is subscribed to, the user will receive every new podcast that is published to the file immediately as it is distributed. With home builders and realtors, this becomes highly advantageous for residual marketing and sales efforts. Having a direct link to an interested party allows the business to implement more highly targeted sales campaigns, geared towards specific individual & group needs. Investors can receive up to date video listings of new investment opportunities on the market. Home buyers who are looking over an extended period of time, can remain interactive with your company by receiving all the new updates of new properties in the area as they are available.Podcasts are not only used in conjunction with a company’s website, but they are also listed in podcast directories, such as iTunes, Odeo, Yahoo Podcasts!, Google Base, etc. These directories are visual catalogues of podcast content. They organize the podcasts into segmented categories and then rank the most popular ones accordingly. The higher a podcast is ranked in its particular category, the more visibility that podcast receives. The great thing about podcast directories is that it separates the users into targeted demographics, by segmenting the location of the podcasts listed on the directory by category and information. This presents incredible potential for the business to create multi level marketing campaigns, aimed at their ideal demographic using this targeted method of consumer reach.For the first time ever, the commercial industry has control on a direct avenue for multimedia distribution and penetration to the market based upon consumer demand and needs on a global scale. This control not only integrates seamlessly with internet technology, but it merges the traditional elements of sale, publicity and marketing with modern points of access and distribution.Real Estate podcasting allows home builders, brokers, buyers, sellers, investors and any interested party the chance to preview a product anywhere, anytime, and on any device they choose. The use of podcasting in the real estate industry will not only increase technological confidence among home buyers, but it will directly affect corporation’s turnover times, thereby increasing revenue and ultimately the bottom line.

8 Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website

Whether your old school or on the cutting edge of technology in your dynamic real estate business, everyone needs a website in this day and age. The benefits of having a real estate website are many in number, and the risks of getting left behind without one are very real. So, what exactly are these benefits? Read on for a brief sample.1- Build a Strong Web Presence
Get found easier and instantly, via Google searches or links on other sites. Have your office’s address, phone numbers, e-mail address, logo, current listings, and specialization displayed at the click of a mouse. Show up in more places, under more categories, and associated with specific strategic keywords. If you combine your real estate website with the rest of a comprehensive marketing campaign, people can find you in so many different ways, your business will be hard to miss!Make sure to create a listing on Google My Business for local listings, which are area-specific. Yes, you can select who sees you first, depending on where they live.2- Generate More Leads
This is a no-brainer. Gone are the days of paying thousands of dollars for Yellow Pages ads and highway billboards, hoping enough people will see it and maybe call your office. Do you also want to pay someone just to answer the phone for you full-time, and rely on methods that the average client no longer uses? Your real estate website is like your modern-day “head office”. This should be the first and most important place your potential clients find you, and if you use an online form to collect client info, then the real estate leads are immediate, free, and warm. A website can also serve as the place that you direct clients to your social media, or vice versa, and have the public sign up for your impactful newsletter for regular announcements.You’ll also now have a thorough database of potential client info for ongoing listings distribution or announcements.3- Provide More Exposure to Your Properties
The bulk of a real estate website should be dedicated to property descriptions. This is the opportunity to display full-detail descriptions, brilliant digital photography, and 360-degree virtual tours. You can use as much or as little space as you like, provide clickable links, and make it a more interactive experience for the visitor. The listing created on your real estate website can also be shared (for free) via external links to your own social media pages, other real estate websites, community websites, or anywhere else your marketing efforts lead you.Again, gone are the days of paying for paper advertising in a weekly or monthly magazine with black and white photos, lost among thousands of other listings in the same book. This just isn’t effective anymore, and can even be a waste of money.4- Tell Them More About You
A real estate website is the perfect place for potential clients can learn more about you as a professional. This is more important in real estate than almost any other service business. Talk about and splash photos displaying awards you have won, events you participate in, community involvement, as well as your personal background and qualifications. When people get to know you this way (as an individual) they get to like you and trust you. This complements your social media and other real estate marketing strategies perfectly.5- Tell Them About Your Business
Why wait for a local journalist to write an article about you in the paper or local magazine? Want to be known and respected in the local community? Modern technology puts the power back into your hands. Put the information out there yourself, and draw readers in to see it through strategic web techniques.For no extra cost, you can regularly publish and update details such as the regions you work in, your years of experience, and areas of real estate expertise. Do you have a knowledgeable team? Are you influential in a hot part of town? Do you specialize in condos, revenue properties, or commercial buildings? Put that out there, forever and visible to the entire world. Include high definition photography and videos to reinforce the message, and make a strong first impression they won’t forget.6- Create a Brand for Your Practice
If you’ve never succeeded in transforming yourself (and your practice) into a brand, or maybe never thought about it, then this is the way. Think about the biggest, most successful, “celebrity” real estate brokers in your area. They are household names, aren’t they? The public is familiar with their names and faces, the same way they know the name of the local grocery store, florist, or school. Top of mind awareness is ultra important in any business.Think about it. Your picture everywhere, a logo people will remember, a slogan that rolls off the tongue. A properly executed real estate website can begin this process for you, and position you and your agency as the brand of choice in your local market.7- Use It as Part of Your Listing Presentation
A listing presentation is what an agent shows to the home seller to convince them that he/she is qualified to sell their home. It usually includes stats, a marketing strategy, pricing, relevant experience, and the added value the agent brings to get the job done. If much of this information is already on your website, you save time and effort. Maybe your potential seller already saw a lot of these details and is already impressed by you before even placing the first call.8- Exchange Information More Easily
No need for potential new clients to call and wait to speak to your receptionist. This small gesture alone can turn off the ultra busy and impatient 25 to 50-year-old shopper, who is used to having questions answered instantaneously these days. No more need to set up an appointment, drive to meet each other, and invest time just for some initial “this is how we work” info. All this can be accomplished with a few brief lines on your real estate website, which people can read within seconds and move onto the next step.No need for clients to wait for a form to arrive by fax, or stay on the phone during business hours, to fill in their personal info.This also allows existing and potential clients to provide feedback in an open forum, so you know what they’re looking for. All this can be done 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and not just during your office hours (when potential clients themselves are most busy).